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Announcements: March 19th, 2018!

HarrisonHarrison: hello, (late) change log for March 19th, 2018

Item Sets are now live, all pages associated with these set pages are interlinked. The purpose of this addition is to improve navigation as well as being a versatile alternative to Also See notes on the wiki. Please feel free to check out the harrFAQ for answers to any potential questions you may have.
⚫ The Item Stats Chart has been updated to include Dage Birthday Gear.
⚫ Complimentary pages have been made to include the latest features added in to the game. The New Releases will now be updated to include said features, such as Titles. For all information regarding these new features, check out the Character section.

What's next after Item Sets? As preparations are further made for the upcoming shaman related release, plans to revamp the shop pages are up next. The new shop pages are planned to contain a new section for requirements, namely a section which totals the amount of all crafting resources required to obtain all the items in a shop, similar to the functionality Item Set pages have.

After the new shop pages are implemented, we hope to revamp the monster templates on the Wiki to contain Status Effects, Immunities, and such. As this may take quite some time like the Item Set pages, other revamps of the Wiki might occur before those new templates are up and running. I have planned a new layout of the Wiki's Homepage and a revamp of the current template for Location pages to include usage of dynamic image showcases (web carousels), and so forth. Of course, this is for the future, I have no plans to over exhaust myself or anyone else by doing this over the Spring Break. Regardless, we hope you all have a safe and Happy Upcoming Easter!

Old Announcements:

HarrisonHarrison: Just a temporary notice to all site visitors, that due to the vast amount of content presented today, there will be some missing links or information. These issues will hopefully be resolved by tomorrow afternoon. As for now, please check out the New Releases for any content currently published. (This announcement was posted on March 7th, and will be stickied at the top of the Old Announcements until further notice)

In addition to the above announcement, our Wiki Staff will be having a roster adjustment. As an AdventureQuest 3D Wiki moderator, this position a user has been promoted to has its affined responsibilities, and as a result we expect an amount of frequent activity for this user to retain and uphold this position.

All editors should interpret this as a formal announcement. If you wish to pursue this position, or are currently assigned this position, we obviously expect a certain amount of activity, as well as a level of competency to carry out and assist the Wiki during or after release times when assistance is required.

As of this announcement, we have an open position for moderator of the AdventureQuest 3D Wiki team. We are currently looking for editors with adequate experience and a level of frequency to maintain and update pages as they deem fit. Please do not send me personal requests or a resume; this position will be picked through circumspective means.

HarrisonHarrison: Hello again! Just a notice to all editors that Item Sets are being created as time allows. Due to how they're formatted compared to every other page, I am strongly suggesting that you do not create set pages yourself, as if something is incorrect and you're editing in bulk, I'll have to manually go through all your edits again, and it can be quite time wasting if everything is formatted wrong, similar to an incident that happened a few months back.

In the meantime, please check out the Tag Discussion for updates and discussion about potential tags. This announcement will be updated once the item sets are completed.

HarrisonHarrison: hello, it's the same dude with the same monthly announcement and change log

Thanks for all the support as of late, be it on Twitter or just helping out here. There have been multiple changes and there will soon be another major addition in the future, but here are the current changes:

⚫ In addition to last month's support for mobile friendliness, the top header has been greatly adjusted to be much larger for the ease of mobile users to tap. The side bar has also been slightly adjusted to be larger. The banner was in need of a dusting, namely the logo, so it has been dusted!
⚫ The Item Stats Chart for Levels 17 to 20 have been added / updated. Some minor fixes to the stat pages have been made as well.
⚫ The navigation bar has been moved around a bit to remove clutter, most of the stuff that isn't on the top header is now in the hover section of World.
Regions have been introduced as well. Instead of relying on the access points on most pages, locations are now easily navigated through the Regions page, and its respective parent on locations. Check it out!

And now, to answer some questions. Set pages. Are they still a thing? Yes, but they are not being prioritized right now; they are slowly being worked on in spare time, and they should be up as soon as the Ashfall 3 content are up to date. There's also been another Item Stats Chart category lurking around in the Recent Changes, and that is a Stats Chart based on item type. Yes, that is being worked on as well. If people are interested, fellow user Shiminuki is currently working on having stat totals beside items on the charts. After all these are done, Monster pages will be getting a respective update which will show their abilities, their immunities, and other attributes. Certain shops with requirements will also be updated to show said requirements. You can check this out on the DragonSlayer Equipment page (mind the item pages though!).

edit- ShiminukiShiminuki has done said thing and the category pages are now up and ready. Many thanks!

As always, thanks again for the support. Now it's time to sleep!

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