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Since August we started going through every weapon page and added new tags to categorize different types of weapons. These tags will aid if you are looking for a particular type of weapon (for example swords, axes, staffs). You can find all the tags here with a short description. Please let us know if anything is unclear or if you feel like a tag is missing by joining the wiki discord!

- Axe
- Book
- Cutlass
- Dagger
- Katana
- Mace
- Scythe
- Shield
- Spear
- Staff
- Sword
- Wand

Hello wonderful people!

As you have noticed, the homepage has gotten a bit of a makeover. If you also use the AQW wiki, you may have already seen this change coming, but as of 2 days ago, I have also brought the changes over here.

Not to stop there! Today I've updated Search Items by Tag to both clean up its appearance, as well as added the option to now view items as their Female appearance.
Additionally, under Top Tags I've added the button "Available" which adds "-legacy -seasonal" into the box for you.
Of course, it's possible I've broken something, so if you notice any problems or have more suggestions, please let me know on Discord, Twitter, or DM me on wikidot!

Hi everyone! Due to some issues on the wikidot platform right now, we ask that everyone please don't edit the tag section until further notice. Adding new tags on a page without existing tags is fine. Thank you for your understanding.

Update: Hi everyone! This issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Apus here again! After consideration, we are looking to change the rare tag into a legacy tag or some other term to designate "permanently rare". Please give your thoughts on which would be best in the following poll here. In addition, after this change, we will be updating the blue awesomesmall.png tag to raresmall.png since the blue rarity in game is called "Rare Rarity".

Due to popular request and demand, I have created a new section on the Wiki that records all the old information on a page and will remove the cluster on current pages. More information about the Archives can be found here.

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