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Announcements: August 16th, 2018!

HarrisonHarrison: Okay, long story short, I messed up. Big time. The CSS the site relies on was all set to be… client side. In other words, only I could see it. I just found this out after launching the site on Firefox, wondering why CSS didn't load on there. Turns out, you couldn't load any of the revamped visuals, and this was a problem for some other players too.

So as of today, if you saw any major differences in site layout… consider this the "site rewrite" you've probably been hearing about. Sincere apologies if you looked at my updates and thought I was on something.

I'm currently working on easy access hover info on shops and monster pages, you can find the demo on the harrDV page. Please let me know if things don't work for you! Mobile users have to hold the link to see the info, this feature is mainly for desktop users.

Old Announcements:

HarrisonHarrison: hello visual update

⚫ Item, NPC, and Monster pages have all been updated to include a much larger tabview to support users on mobile devices.
⚫ World pages including Locations, Challenges, and Dungeons have all been updated to include the new image carousel design. Clicking on the far left or right of an image will now slide to the next image, and clicking on any of the numbered navigation buttons near the bottom will slide to the respective image slot.
⚫ The Chronicle of Releases has been updated to include larger tabviews and more accessible collapsible designs.
⚫ The naivgation header and sidebar has been updated to show more relevant pages.
⚫ List pages have been revised - a new page called Generated Lists will show automatically generated lists, which in contrast to Official Lists, will load much faster and will search pages that rely on the site's tag cloud.

HarrisonHarrison: Hey guys, sorry if things have been really slow these past few weeks. I just don't have the motivation or energy as I used to have before, and these past few weeks have been quite a bummer for me. I still haven't forgotten about the current side projects I'm also working on, but as of now it's going to be a little while before those get updated. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll try to get myself out this rut before things get too out of hand.

HarrisonHarrison: Hello,

A fix has been implemented to address an issue where mobile users on the Homepage would see 5 buttons in a row rather than the supposed 6. The button row should now no longer abruptly end by one. Apologies for any irritation and annoyance this may have caused (to especially me).

The Sorted by Level page has also been updated to include Level 21 items, as well as an improved navigation header for ease of access. Apologies for the inconvenience!

HarrisonHarrison: Dear all members and users of the Wiki,

As you may have known, there have been many rumors and speculations circulating the game regarding hidden drops or potential drops not listed on the Wiki. I can with confidence say that the majority of these drops are fake, planned just for the intent of deceit.

This is not something new, in the past there has been situations where certain users of this site would deliberately vandalize the site for the sole purpose of giving the site less credibility as well as deceiving users into believing false information with a citable source. As a result of the aforementioned scenarios, the Wiki has received an unfortunate amount of negative reputation.

Personally speaking, this is not something I desire, dedicating thousands of hours into a volunteer project just to have it badmouthed. Much alike any Wikipedia, any user is allowed to join and contribute. This permission however becomes an issue when it is and can still be abused by users with malicious intent.

Seeing how the majority of pages and edits are usually done by me as well a select few number of current existing editors, I no longer perceive any justification as to why new users should join the site given the fact that the majority of them do not contribute and would rather remain idle on the site. With this, I have made a decision pertaining to how users are allowed to contribute to the site. The permission to join this site has been temporarily revoked until further notice, which means that no one is allowed to join the site. Existing users can still contribute as if nothing had changed. Should there be a correction on a page and you are not a member of the site, you are free to PM me about it.

Please keep in notice that the AdventureQuest 3D Wiki is completely independent of staff or developer influence. Unlike the AdventureQuest Worlds Wiki, no one has explicit access to confirmed drop rates, drop lists, and documents with sources that confirm the existence of an item, monster, etc. No dedicated contributor on this site has the power to load items, load Dragon Crystals, any higher power you could possibly surmise. Staff do not play favorites with me, they do not personally contact me to update the site, nor do they tell me what information should be present. Once again, this is a completely independent site, and without this information, the Wiki will NOT list rumors or speculation without solid confirmation. This user permission change is something I did not wish to implement, but given the previous scenarios, there is left one remaining choice.

I am deeply sorry to those who have been affected by any site page that may have contained faulty information, and I am also sorry to those users affected by this change of permission.

HarrisonHarrison: It's been a while since I've made an announcement, so to make up for it I'll be doing absolutely nothing different and just be posting relatively old change logs!

⚫ The New Releases and Previous Releases have been updated to display much larger tabs to assist the struggles users were having on mobile.
⚫ The Titles and Exploration Scrolls pages have been updated to display larger tabs to also assist users having issues on mobile. In addition, image tags will be appended on each title to help users identify the potential prerequisites of each entry.
⚫ The Auto Index Module has been adjusted to be larger, mobile users will have a much easier time using the alphabetical sort at the top of category pages.
⚫ The Item Stats Chart pages on the site have now been fully depreciated as 31 days have passed. If you still have one of the pages bookmarked, please remove it and bookmark the new site linked below! The pages will still exist for the sole purpose of redirection until an additional month has passed.

If you might have noticed from the May 4th release, the animated tab now displays a GIF rather than a static frame of the animation for the star sword pages. GIFs are being tested (and adjusted to have that extra special loop) and there are 10 more to be uploaded in the near future. If you are a data capped mobile user, please be cautious of opening said GIFs (shouldn't be a problem for most players but), as it is an animation, expect the images to have a median range of 8MB per animation, the highest I've seen at 20MB. Please send feedback if you have any concerns!

The link for the new stat charts can be found below:

HarrisonHarrison: Hello again! The following changes have been made today and will be listed below as a notice:

⚫ The following tags have been adjusted and added onto the Wiki. Please familiarize yourself with these new tags and their definitions. You may need to clear your browser cache to fully see the new site changes.
→ The Guardian tag has been added in to indicate content that is only available to Guardians. You will now see an image tag which will accommodate said tagged pages.
→ The HeroMart tag has been added in to indicate content that is only available from HeroMart. You will now see an image tag which will accommodate said tagged pages.
→ The Special Offer tag has been adjusted to only include Promotional Items. You will no longer be seeing specialoffer tags on HeroMart, Guardian, and KickStarter pages.
⚫ All image tags have been updated to be more bold for all users to see. Additionally, the order of image tags will now be set in a more appropriate manner- item rarity will be prioritized first, than the secondary rarity will be appended after (for example, HeroMart) and then the availability will be appended last.
⚫ For convenience, the following lists were made to compliment the new tags:
List of Guardian Content
List of HeroMart Items
List of KickStarter Content
List of Promotional Items

Please contact me if there are any missing or untagged pages in need of a HeroMart, Guardian, or Promotional tag. Thank you!

HarrisonHarrison: Hello, I am going to make an announcement regarding the site's most popular feature. (This message is no longer pinned!)

Wikidot is very limited to what it can do. This limitation is unfortunately affecting the Item Stats Chart features we host on the site. It's not affecting the stat charts yet, but it will be in the nearing future.
As a result of this, I am highly requesting that all players now use the following site below to access these features.

Please familiarize yourself with this site, as the current Item Stats Chart pages will be depreciated and removed from this site in the near future.

In addition to this, I am happy to announce that there will be a new feature for players to use- the Stat Builder. This will calculate the player stats and their equipment they choose. This was originally made by Inverted, but was discontinued. I have rewritten the code and through many painful hours have updated the builder with all the current items in the game.

The Stat Builder can be found on the above site. Please bookmark the site if you frequent using the aforementioned features. Thank you!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License