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Just like the other wikis (AQW Wiki, HS Wiki, etc.), we have decided to host the Encyclopedia on a wiki, instead of on the Battleon Forums, as the format of the wiki makes it easy to navigate. We hope you enjoy this and find it useful.

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When editing an entry, please sum up your edit in the short description of changes box, this makes it far easier for all of us.
Also, take your time with your edits and double check your work. Remember, it's not a competition, it's a service to help AE and the AQ3D Community. Thanks and have fun editing!

Any unreleased information or information gathered through cheating will NOT be tolerated. If anyone does publish such information in any way or form, they will lose their ability to post on this wiki. Please also DO NOT publish Staff only items.

Announcements: June 15th, 2017!

HarrisonHarrison: Hello everyone! As you may have already found out, yes, stats have been completely changed and revamped, and the Wiki will need to be updated to accommodate these new changes. This isn't a great time for most of our editors as they are busy studying for their finals, so if you would like to lend us a hand with updating the mass amount of pages, we'd be grateful. If you are new to the Wiki, please go over our Wiki Rules, our Editing Guide, and most importantly our Image Submission Guidelines if you have not done so already.

If you wish to assist us with updating the pages, please click on this text if you are interested in helping. All you will need to do is provide a screenshot of the new statistics of the item(s) or edit the page yourself with the new information.

If you are still unsure about something, then please do not hesitate to contact a Wiki Administrator or Wiki Moderator here.

If you have a question regarding the updating of stats, please go over this forum post for more thorough information.

Old Announcements:

HarrisonHarrison: Hey everyone! This is a friendly reminder that if you are posting on the Wiki, please review our Wiki Rules, Editing Guide, and most importantly our Image Submission Guidelines if you have not done so already. If you are still unsure about something, then please do not hesitate to contact a Wiki Administrator or Wiki Moderator here.

HarrisonHarrison: Due to popular request and demand, I have created a new section on the Wiki that records all the old information on a page and will remove the cluster on current pages. More information about the Archives can be found here.

HarrisonHarrison: As we near a New Year, we are always welcome to hear suggestions to improve the AdventureQuest 3D Wiki for next year. Got suggestions? Post them here! We will always consider and read them. Other then that, we wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

HarrisonHarrison: The Image Submission Guidelines have been updated. If you are currently an active editor on the Wiki, or if you are a new member of this site, please read these guidelines for important information in regards to Image Guidelines. Thanks!

HarrisonHarrison: AdventureQuest 3D is finally in Open Beta! You can check out the New Releases for the new additions added in this update. If you are looking for game content added before the Open Beta, you can find them in the Chronicle of Releases.

rickyb20rickyb20: Updated the Image Submission Guidelines, read here here for more info. Thanks.

ShadowAQWShadowAQW: Hi everyone, welcome to the AQ3D Wiki! I'm pleased to announce that we're finally ready for launch! We've been hard at work behind the scenes getting everything ready and we hope you all enjoy it. If you're interested in helping out, please be sure to check out the Beginner's Guide to the AQ3D Wiki. Remember you can always contact a Wiki Admin or Moderator if you have any questions. Have fun and Wiki On!

rickyb20rickyb20: Hello there everyone. For those of you who don't know who I am, I am the current lead and head admin for this wiki. I am also the lead and head admin for the AQW Wiki as well.

To add onto what Shadow has said, I would like to take the opportunity to discuss some changes and some stuff that were made for this wiki that are different from the AQW Wiki. They are as follows (Please note that I will update this list if I think of anymore changes; these are off the top of my head):

  • There is no "Abbreviations/Acronyms" page. We felt this page wasn't necessary as there aren't that many currently. This page may come later on in the future as the game grows.
  • The majority of pages in the "Other Info" also do not have anything on them. The information for the Commands and Exp Chart will be coming ASAP, while the info for the rest of the pages in this section will be coming later on as the game grows.
  • The wiki's editing guide got a massive overhaul. Most of it is typed from scratch and I also incorporated the tags and parenting section, and the checklist from the AQW Wiki's Editing Guide. This should now make things easier for newer wiki editors to understand the basics. The "Templates" section is currently a Work in Progress and I will try to get that information up ASAP. That being said, templates should be pretty straightforward to understand as is. If you have any question about templates, please feel free to let a staff member know.
  • If you are familiar with the other Wikidot game wikis (AQW Wiki, HS Wiki, and the OS Wiki), you may be familiar with the "Thanks to…" line at the bottom of most wiki pages. This line was to credit certain people for providing information on wiki pages, and it came with its own set of rules. I'd like to officially announce that for the first time, the AQ3D wiki will be the first wiki to not include the "Thanks to…" line on its wiki pages. I've discussed this with the staff and we came to the conclusion that there are too many loopholes in the rules themselves, and the "Thanks" system (as I like to call it) has caused too much hassle for myself and the other wiki staff. So we thought it would be best to remove it for everyone's sake.
  • The IRC channel for this wiki is #AQ3DWiki, on the server. You can access the IRC channel through our Wiki IRC Channel page.

I also have some good news as well. The guys over at AQ3D Wikia have kindly allowed us to use the information they have recorded. Please feel free to copy it over to this wiki using our templates. If you are copying information over from the AQ3D Wikia, please make sure to check in-game that all the information is still correct. For location pages though, please provide your own images. And for other item pages, please provide our own images if the images on the AQ3D Wiki do not follow the Image Submission Guidelines. We are very grateful, and we once again thank the AQ3D Wikia for their generosity.

There are also a couple of things that I would like to ask of everyone:

  • Please do not record any old information, or information that has already gone rare (unless it is taken off of the AQ3D Wikia, and excluding the Exp Chart). I will try to work with the AQ3D staff to see if I can get any information from them. I will also leave them in charge of adding any rare info if they wish.
  • Please do not worry about the Chronicle of Releases or about recording any other releases that have already passed by. Me and the other staff will deal with it.

Alright guys, after all that being said, we need YOUR help! As you can see, the wiki is pretty bare and is lacking a lot of wiki pages. We need wiki editors to help us create wiki pages. If you're interested, please read what Shadow has said above. I'm pretty sure that I've also ironed out all the mistakes, but if you see anymore, please feel free to notify a staff member.

That is all I have to say. Again, I welcome you all to the AQ3D Wiki, and I can't wait to start working with you all! Battle-on everyone!

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