13th Floor at Last


NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): Unlocked the Tower od Necromancy's 13th Floor….
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): At long last you will gaze your human eyes upon the form of the Lich.
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): And suffer your fate worse than death..
Hero: Huh?
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): But first, I want you to know that I am really proud of you.
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): There were a few times you made me really nervous.
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): Thought that "goody two shoes" spirit lurking inside you was going to jump out and ruin everything.
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): And do not think for a moment… That I don't know the REAL reason you are here.
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): I knew what you trully were from that very first moment you stepped off my boat.
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): That is why I lured you to chase me…
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): To forge this Doom Staff…
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): To bind my dark soul TO IT…
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): To carry me up this tower….
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): And deliver me back to this final 13th Floor…
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): …Back to my body.
Hero: I should have seen this coming… you're the Lich?
NecroStaff of Doom (DOOM WEAPON): Let me switch into something a little more… Uncomfortable.
*The darkness leaves your staff and flows into the immortal remains of the Noxus, the Lich… Master of the Tower Necromancy*
Hero: you son of a Lich….
Noxus (Master Lich): Do not be mad, my little puppet.
Noxus (Master Lich): You won! You beat all the other pathetic flesh sacks to the top of this tower.
Hero: So you are Noxus, the Tower Of Necromancy's Master?
Noxus (Master Lich): Oh no… think of Noxus's body like a timeshare for all of us greater shadow beings he foolishly summoned.
Noxus (Master Lich): Noxus was a High Necromancer of unmatched skill and power… And his hunger for the Dark Arts was insatiable.
Noxus (Master Lich): So you can only imagine what happened when Noxus learned that the Necronomicon was REAL… and located HERE, in THIS Guardian Tower.
Hero: So…. This really IS a Guardian Tower!?
Noxus (Master Lich): Haha …It "was". Until Noxus got his hands on the book.
Noxus (Master Lich): Seeking infinite power and Immortality, he recklessly summoned dark creatures beyond his control.
Hero: Including "Great Shadow Creatures" like you?
Noxus (Master Lich): Especially… Me!
Noxus (Master Lich): I warned you that there were far worse fates than those which you witnessed below…
Noxus (Master Lich): Thinking he could control us… Noxus summoned quite a few of us Shadow here on this island.
Noxus (Master Lich): And… Oh, how we like to play this little game…
Noxus (Master Lich): Each time this body is defeated, we are cast out of the Tower.
Noxus (Master Lich): We have a little contest to see who can get carried back to the 13th Floor first.
Noxus (Master Lich): Would you like to know your prize for carrying me all the way up here, Puppet?
Hero: Let me guess, you turn me into the next Death Knight… or Death-Whatever to guard your 13th Floor.
Noxus (Master Lich): HAHA! I keep forgetting you are a smart one…
Noxus (Master Lich): I have enjoyed our time together.
Noxus (Master Lich): Looking forward to killing you upstairs, <hero>!

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