2017 Mogloween Collection Acquired


Myx (Magic Cauldron): Unholy Cow! You're getting the entire 2017 Mogloween Collection!?!
Hero: That's right! Every item in the collection is mine… FOREVER!
Myx (Magic Cauldron): … … What was that supposed to be?
Hero: My best mad scientist laugh?
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Uh… keep working on it.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): ANYWAY… Getting that collection will save you a lot of bank space.
Myx (Magic Cauldron): You talk to me to access your Mogloween Collection anytime you want.
Hero: But Mogloween doesn't last forever…
Myx (Magic Cauldron): …Sadly…
Hero: … So how do I access my Mogloween Collection when you're gone?
Myx (Magic Cauldron): Just talk to Melodia in Yulgar's place. I'll leave your stuff with her.
Hero: Awesome! Thanks Myx. Happy Mogloween!

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