2017 Talk Like a Pirate Day Collection


Capt. Rhubarb (Salty Sea Dog): Shiver me' timbers! Yer gettin' the mother lode?
Hero: Aye aye, captain. Every single 2017 Talk Like A Pirate Day item is MINE!
Capt. Rhubarb (Salty Sea Dog): Aye! Open my shop again to get your entire collection. Everything's 0 gold for you now.
Hero: Great! This will save a lot of bank space. But where do I get them after you leave, Cap?
Capt. Rhubarb (Salty Sea Dog): No worries, <hero>. You can get 'em at any time here in Battleon too.
Capt. Rhubarb (Salty Sea Dog): I'll be leaving me bounty with Melodia… That fair lass in Yulgar's Inn.
Capt. Rhubarb (Salty Sea Dog): You can go to Melodia any time and access your entire 2017 Talk Like a Pirate Day Collection!
Hero: Great! Thank you, Captain Rhubarb. SEA you later!

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