20th Anniversary Event Part 2 Coming Soon!


Congratulations!: You have completed the part 1 of our "anything goes" special event.
«Part II is coming… Next week!»
«Until then, return to the adventures to complete BONUS QUESTS and unlock NEW ITEMS!»
«Grab a cup of bones at Scarbucks in ZomBEA»
«… And check out Aurelio Voltaire's newest song from his upcoming album.»
«Trade minutes for weird items or climb the leader board in AFK: The Game!»
«Attempt to retake the town of Battleon from the evil army of Derpicorn space invaders!»
«Then, join us next week for the next part II of…»
Part II is coming next week: AdventureQuest's cursed 20th anniversary special event!
Part II is coming next week: …And brace yourself for DEADliest video game finale of all time.

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