A Cat and A Laser


Duke (Good Boy): Hmm… give him something to chase, he said?
Duke (Good Boy): That gives me an idea. You see that giant eye up there?
Duke (Good Boy): It's a massive laser beam. We can use it to lure him down!
Hero: Are you sure that will work?
Duke (Good Boy): He's a CAT. It's a LASER. Of course it will work.
Duke (Good Boy): All you have to do is aim it right into my cage.
Hero: Uh… and then you'll TALK to him, right?
Hero: You're not gonna try to eat him or anything like that.
Duke (Good Boy): Hey! What kind of monster do you think I am?
Duke (Good Boy): We're just gonna have a nice heart-to-heart.
Hero: And what if he still won't let you go?
Duke (Good Boy): Then I guess I'll just have to ask HARDER.

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