A Cup of Slumber


Count Ingland: Ah, welcome back <Hero>!
Count Ingland: Did you figure out what I am?
Hero: I'm a little confused.
Hero: When I first saw you, my gut reaction was vampire.
Count Ingland: I get that a lot.
Hero: But those items you sent me after…
Hero: First they were things that keep you awake.
Hero: Then they were things that would be in your nightmares.
Hero: So, are you some sort of…
Count Ingland: Hahahahaha!
Count Ingland: I was just trying to get into your head…
Count Ingland: You are right about one thing, I am no vampire.
Count Ingland: Let me prove it. Here is my cup.
Count Ingland: Let's have a drink and toast to your 3rd mask.
Hero: Is this a good idea?
Count Ingland: Do you have a choice?
Count Ingland: A toast… to fulfilling your life's dreams!
«*Glug, glug, glug*»
Hero: Uh…
Hero: What… was… in… that?
Hero: Oh crap, it was a sleeping potion.

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