A Deal With Death

Locations/Replays: DEATH - Death's Lair (Story)

Hero (Hero): What's going on? Am I dead?
DEATH (The Grim Reaper): Yes, you're dead. Unless… you accept my deal.
Hero (Oh snap, I'm dead!?): A deal with DEATH to get my life back?
DEATH (Death): Yeah, lucky you. My key to the land of the dead was just stolen.
Hero: Wait…DEATH… is locked out of the Land of the Dead?
DEATH (The Grim Reaper): Don't rub it in.
DEATH (The Grim Reaper): A creature calling himself Vane took the key… you are going to get it back for me.
DEATH (The Grim Reaper): Oh! ..And good news: until you complete my task, you cannot die!
Hero: You mean I'm immortal?
DEATH (The Grim Reaper): Technically, yes. But you can get hurt… plenty.
Hero: Oh. Fun.
DEATH (The Grim Reaper): Go, my champion. Find Vane the Voidking and retrieve my key!
DEATH (The Grim Reaper): … I have to go find somewhere to crash until I can get back into my place.

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