A Distress Signal


Warlic: Oh, good. You're here.
Warlic: I have received a distress signal from the surface of Lore's Moon.
Warlic: I was hoping you might investigate it.
Hero: But… How did you know I was going to be here today?
Warlic: And how the heck are you receiving a distress signal from the Moon?!
Warlic: Magic, <Hero>. I'm the most powerful mage on Lore. Why are you questioning this?
Hero: I don't even know.
Warlic: …Anyway, I'm going to send you to the Lunar Surface via a magical molecular teleportation spell I've devised.
Warlic: … "Moleportation," if you will.
Hero: Sure, why not.
Warlic: The spell will break down your body at the molecular level, and reconstruct you at the desired location.
Hero: That sounds terrifying.
Warlic: Could be. I haven't tried it myself.
Hero: That doesn't fill me with confidence.
Warlic: Come now, <Hero>. When have you ever known my magic to fail?
Warlic: Now, brace yourself. The process can make you a little queasy.
Hero: Wait! How am I supposed to breathe up there?
Warlic: Magic, <Hero>! Don't question it!

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