A Gift From Zhoom


Zhoom: Many owe their lives to your efforts.
Zhoom: And for that, I am eternally grateful.
Hero: It was the right thing to do.
Zhoom: And it's that mindset that allows me to have faith in you.
Zhoom: The magic lamp is not something to be trifled with…
Zhoom: But I believe you when you say you want to prevent the wrong people from using it.
Zhoom: And if you require my bow to complete your quest…
Zhoom: Then it is yours.
Hero: Are you sure?
Zhoom: For centuries, this bow has been used to ensure the safety of the people in Sandsea…
Zhoom: And I am certain that it will continue that legacy if it'll help you acquire the lamp.
Hero: Thank you, Zhoom.
Hero: When all of this is done, I'll see to it that you get your bow back in one piece.
Zhoom: I would hope so. Because if anything happens to my bow, then I'd be compelled to feed you to a sharken.
Hero: Haha… That's a joke, right?
Zhoom: Who's to say? But for now, it's best to put your focus on acquiring the lamp.
Hero: You got it. I'll do what I can to ensure everyone's safety.
Zhoom: See that you do.
Zhoom: Though I must warn you…
Zhoom: It is not wise to trust Sekt.
Zhoom: If he is eager to assist you in finding the lamp…
Zhoom: Then it is likely that he has an ulterior motive.
Hero: I don't doubt it.
Hero: But it's worth the risk if it means I keep the lamp away from vane.

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