A Mysterious Invitation


«8 Hours ago. At Yulgar's Inn.»
Hero: Yulgar! Another round of Moglinberry Juice on me!
???: Excuse… me…
??? (Stranger): You are the hero, <Hero>, right?
Hero: You do not look well, friend.
Hero: Do you need help?
??? (Stranger): You need to stop them…
??? (Stranger): Stop them before they do it again…
Hero: What are you talking about?
??? (Stranger): Take… this… invitation…
Hero: What is this?
??? (Stranger): …and when they ask you… tell them… "Fidelio".
Hero: Hey! Are you OK?
??? (Stranger): *Faints*
Hero: Hey!!! Wake up!
Hero: Healer! Is there a healer in the house?

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