A New Beginning


Hero: That's a good look for you, Kord.

Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Thanks. But I'm Galanoth now

Hero: That will take a little getting used to.

Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): For me too, but it's what the Dragonslayers need…
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): … It's what lore needs.

Hero: Now that Akriloth has been defeated, what's next for the Dragonslayers?

Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Akriloth was a great fire dragon.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): His defeat will mean the other dragons will be scrambling for the scraps of his power.

Hero: That will keep them busy for a while, but will also make them unpredictable.

Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): That's right. We will use their confusion to keep them off balance.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): We will use what time we have to regain our strength and rebuild our numbers.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): We will tell the stories of those who fell in this battle to the next generation to learn from their mistakes.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): We will tell the stories of those who won this battle to inspire them.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): You will be a big part of that story.

Hero: What of Talyn? Have you recovered his body?

Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): No. After Akriloth tossed his body aside, it fell into the volcano's lava.

Hero: Good riddance to bad rubbish. At least Gibs can rest. His sister has been avenged .
Hero: Will you keep hunting dragons?

Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Yes. At least those that need to be hunted.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Hunting them all is wasteful and risks the lives of good Dragonslayers for too little gain.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Dragons are powerful and dangerous… but perhaps no always evil.

Hero: That's a very different path from the one that the first Galanoth took.

Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): I'm a very different Galanoth.

Hero: I'm glad to hear it.
Hero: You're a great leader. We're lucky to have you as our Galanoth.
Hero: If the Dragonslayers ever need me, just call. I'll be there.

Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): The Dragonslayers can always use people like you.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Senna has a lot for you too do, if you're interested.


Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): May the fates smile on us both until we next met, <hero>.

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