A Plain White T-Shirt


Chelsey (Video Editor): Great job! You found enough scraps to craft an entire plain white t-shirt!
Chelsey (Video Editor): Good thing, too. Our website's been out of stock for a month.
Hero: Wait. The official MoistCr1TiKaL merch is literally blank t-shirts?
Chelsey (Video Editor): It's awesome, right?
Hero: Charlie is either crazy… or an absolute genius.
Chelsey (Video Editor): And… done! I stitched the scarps back together for you….
«*Off-White Moist T-Shirt Obtained!*»
Hero: Wait… what do you mean off-white? This looks perfectly white.
Chelsey (Video Editor): There are 65,536 shades of white, <Hero>.
Chelsey (Video Editor): That t-shirt is just 6 shades away from perfection.
Chelsey (Video Editor): But if you bring me rare Poke'Moglin cards, I can upgrade it for you!
Hero: Heeeey… are you attempting to trap me in a super grindy side-quest to distract me from the main storyline?
Chelsey (Video Editor):
Chelsey (Video Editor): <Hero>, you have already completed the 1st trial of the MOISTVERSE.
Chelsey (Video Editor): There's just three more to go.
Chelsey (Video Editor): To continue… start jumping up those rocks to reach the higher challenges.
Hero: Parkour jumps!?
Hero: What about people who suck at jumping?
Hero: I'm, uh… asking for a friend.
Chelsey (Video Editor): Well, I guess they can just use the portals to skip the jumping bits.
Chelsey (Video Editor): Good luck on your second trial, <Hero>!

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