A Portal Home


Hero: Ok, I got rid of that horrible egg…
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) Pretty egg!
Hero: …Pretty HORRIBLE egg, which was OBVIOUSLY a Derpicorn egg that would have infested all of Lore with those awful things.
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) What? Nooo…
Hero: …Anyway. Have you gotten our teleportation device fixed yet?
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) Yep! It's ready to go!
Hero: Yesss! Finally, something's gone right!
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) There we go! I've activated the portal. We can go home!
Hero: Awesome! Where'd you open it?
KIMBr:L3 (Eccentric Computer) Right where you put the egg!
Hero: What?! KIMBr:L3, why?!

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