A Tragic End


Altaria Ravenlock: <Hero>! You've returned!-
Altaria Ravenlock: Wait, that sword… It's-
Hero (Hero of Lore): Yes… It's ShadowSlayer L's. When I found him he was a blood-lusted vampire… He must have got turned while on his on hunt…
Hero (Hero of Lore): I also found this.
«Scene: Hero hands over ShadowSlayer L's locket to Altaria.»
Altaria Ravenlock: His locket… I gave this to him shortly after we became a couple…
Hero (Hero of Lore): Altaria, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Altaria Ravenlock: Thank you, <Hero>… for freeing my husband… I think you should keep his sword, He would have wanted that.

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