Acevorah (Cutscene)


Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Hey, <hero>! We've got a problem.
Hero: What's wrong?
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Meteors are mostly iron.
Hero: …Uh. OK… Why is that bad?
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Because the thing that fell into this clearing last night wasn't made of iron.
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): It was made of egg.
Hero: Egg? Like chicken egg?
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): …Space chickens? Get serious. They have ships.
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): No, this was Acevorah egg… It's a mind control bug thing.
Hero: Mind control bugs from space? Is this a joke?
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Ask HIM.
Controlled Villager: Greetings, fellow bipeds.
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Braintick. Don't worry, they're not too bright. Watch.
Controlled Villager: Put a braintick on your head or I will destroy you.
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): I already did. Remember?
Controlled Villager: … Oh, yes. Good. All hail the Acevorah!
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Yeah. All hail that guy. See?
Hero: Wow. You're right. Can we just pry that thing off?
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Yes.
Hero: Then why haven't you done it yet?
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): Because It would kill him. I said we CAN but we probably shouldn't.
Hero: So what should we do?
Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith): First we need to learn about them. Ready to get your hands dirty?
Hero: Absolutely!
Controlled Villager: All that cool people are trying on brainticks. Be cool like me.

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