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What use can I have with Adventures on my Main Menu?

Adventures helps guide the player along the AQ3D's universe keeping track between areas, what quests you have done, or what achievements you have and show you the correct stuff you should see bringing up a picture and description to what expect of the area, with a button to teleport you to that map.
The image below shows what adventures can keep track of and grant quick access.


Daily Boss Fight
Every day there is a Major Boss for you to defeat! Collect loot and craft amazing gear.
- Woundstock Go There!

Team PvP
Go to the Battle Hall to form a team. Enter team vs team Battle Arenas to earn glory and loot.
- Battle Hall Go to PvP Hall

Quick Adventures
Teleport to a random dungeon. Earn Battle Gems which you can use to craft rewards at Cysero's forge in Battleon.
Go Adventure!
- Assault Keep
- Bothvar's Castle
- Doomwood Dungeon
- Greenguard Caves
- Wind Assault
- Yulgar Fight

(Coming Soon)

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