All Four Keys


Hero: One order of fresh Frostlorn monster trophies!
Hero: Well… maybe "fresh" is the wrong choice of …

Einar: Your word is good, <hero>.
Einar: Like me, you have come to fight the Frostlorn and his raiders.

Hero: I thought Frostlorn was just their name.

Einar: The Forstlorn is the being that these raiders worship.
Einar: They consider him the living embodiment of Father Winter.
Einar: He is the source of their power and the reason for their raids.

Hero: They don't just raid villages and town for food?

Einar: They do, but most of the food goes into the Frostlorn's belly.

Hero: So if we take him out, the raids stop?

Einar: That is my hope.

Hero: I'm in. How to we get to the Frostlorn?

Einar: He is well protected. I have never seen him.
Einar: The raider leaders, Faustbite, Phrozen, Sleet and Hailstone each hold a key to his chambers.
Einar: But all four keys must be used at once.

Hero: So we have to get all four keys.

Einar: Start with Sleet. He is the weakest of the raider leaders.

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