All Hail the King


Constantine: Your reign ends today, Lucianus.
Lucianus Rex: No!
Lucianus Rex: This… can't be…
Legate Tactus: My king!
Legate Tactus: <hero>! This is all because of you!
Legate Tactus: You're not leaving here alive!
Senator Victra: Tactus! You know the challenge was just for Lucianus Rex.
Senator Victra: You have lost your honor and shamed me as your mentor.
Legate Tactus: Victa… I….
Senator Victra: Constantine is within his rights to slay you where you stand.
Constantine: Enough Lycan blood has been wasted today.
Constantine: You'll live with your shame, Tactus… But not here.
Constantine: You're Banished!
Constantine: If you ever set foot in this Conclave again, you'll be killed without question.
Constantine: Guards.

«Scene: Werewolf Guards walk towards Legate Tactus slowly and then he legs it. All the spectators kneel to the new Were-king»

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