Alpha Pirate Set

Location: KS Alpha Pirate - Founder's Sanctuary
Total Cost: 7 Gold
Total Craft Time:

  • N/A

Set Pieces:

Name Level Price
Armor.png Alpha Pirate Coat uncommonsmall.png 1 1 Gold
Belt.png Alpha Pirate Belt uncommonsmall.png 2 1 Gold
Boot.png Alpha Pirate Boots uncommonsmall.png 2 1 Gold
Cape.png Alpha Pirate Back Cutlass awesomesmall.png 1 1 Gold
Glove.png Alpha Pirate Gloves awesomesmall.png 1 1 Gold
Helm.png Alpha Pirate Hat uncommonsmall.png 2 1 Gold
Shoulder.png Alpha Pirate Shell Shoulders awesomesmall.png 1 1 Gold

Set Level: 1-2
Set Stats:

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