An Unsigned Agreement?!


Danny (Videographer): So? How'd it go?
Hero: Those mushrooms weren't nearly as big or as hard as I expected!
Danny (Videographer): Oh, and one of them had this…
Danny (Videographer): An unsigned sponsorship agreement?
Danny (Videographer): YES! This is exactly what we need.
Hero: It is?
Danny (Videographer): Have you noticed that goblin who's been hanging out on the aircraft platform?
Hero: Uh… yeah?
Danny (Videographer): Well, he's with Goblin-Fuel!
Hero: What is Goblin-Fuel?
Danny (Videographer): It's the hottest new knock-off parody energy drink!
Danny (Videographer): They've been sponsoring all the top gamers and streamers….
Danny (Videographer): And if you bring it to the Goblin Fuel General, he's sure to sign you.
Hero: Wait.
Hero: Are you asking me to enter into a sponsorship agreement as part of this quest chain?
Danny (Videographer): If you want to get into Charlie's head… you're gonna have to do a lot of things you don't want for the good of the people around you.
Hero: Alright. Let's do this.

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