Anne's Agony


Anne (Rice Farmer): *Weeping uncontrollably*
Lucretia (Apothecary): Oh, Anne… I'm so sorry.
Morgul (Necromancer): I can cast a spell that will turn her tear ducts to cement.
Lucretia (Apothecary): Morgul! FOR THE LOVE OF…
Anne (Rice Farmer): *sob* Wes? Wes!? My son… where's my son?
Lucretia (Apothecary): I saw him here just a few moments before <hero> walked in.
Morgul (Necromancer): You mean the kid with the vengeful look in his eye that stole Clive's sword and ran out the door?
Anne (Rice Farmer): No, this can't be happening!
Anne (Rice Farmer): I lost my husband, do not let me lose my son!
Anne (Rice Farmer): Please, <hero>…
Anne (Rice Farmer): You have to find him! Find my son, Wes.
Hero: I will do everything that I can to find your son…. I promise.

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