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For returning players or new players, the Chronicle of Releases is a useful page to see what updates happened in AQ3D.

Player Equipment & Quests

"When will _ happen?" "When is _ coming out?" "What is going to happen next !?" "Is _ going to be released?" "Will _ go rare?"

Most of the time, no one on the forums know as we're not the staff. The ONLY time that we would know is if there is an announcement by the staff. AQ3D will typically release updates on Tuesdays, but there's no guarantee that something will be released on that particular Tuesday. So only the AQ3D staff know what will happen with each new release, unless they announce the release — in which case, you'd know about it, too. We don't know what will happen in the future, whether it be concerning classes, areas or items. Stay updated by reading the AQ3D News. If you'd like to know about the latest releases, check out the New Releases page, which is updated by the fellow AQ3D players after a major release.

What is the drop rate of ___? Does it still drop?

We don't know the drop rates to items — the staff very rarely announce drop rates for anything. If an item isn't dropping, check the Wiki to make sure you're fighting the right monster(s), and if you are, understand that you might just be unlucky. Just be patient and keep trying. For factual reasons, we do not assume drop rates - however, we do post Notes about drop rates if they are confirmed by a staff member.

What does "Rare" mean?

In Artix Entertainment games, a "Rare" item is something you can't obtain anymore. If you missed your shot at these items, you're out of luck.

Seasonal Rares, on the other hand, do return. They are released during one of our in-game holiday celebrations, but after the celebration is over, you will have to wait until next year's holiday celebration to get the item again.

How much Exp do I need to level up?

All information about leveling up can be found on the Exp Chart page.

How much inventory slots can I have?

The amount of unique items you can have in your inventory is 30. Players who have backed the AQ3D Kickstarter at the Hero Starter Pack were given an additional 20 inventory slots, and those who have backed with a Guardian package or higher will receive another 20 inventory slots, to a maximum of 70 inventory slots.


What do my stats do? What do my stats affect?

Information about Statistics can be found on the Stats page.

This class skill placed an icon under this monster's name. What does it do?

Information about class skills and its effects can be found on the Status Effects page.

How do I tell/PM someone with a space in their name?

You would type the player's name, hit space, hit the > key, and hit space again. For example, if you wanted to say hi to someone named "Player Name", you wouldn't type "/tell Player Name". Instead, you would type: "Player Name > Hi!" and it will automatically be converted to the correct format.

Someone used an acronym or term I don't recognize. What does it mean?

Terms and Acronyms can be found in our Glossary and Abbreviations/Acronyms pages, respectively.

How do I craft items?

Details about crafting can be found on the Crafting page.

How do I add someone to my friends list? How can I summon a friend to my location?

Instructions and information about adding friends can be found on the Friends page. Further information about summoning players can be found on the Summoning page as well.

What are Dungeon Keys? How do I get Dungeon Keys?

Dungeons Keys are keys that allow you to enter dungeons. The max limit a player can have is 20 at a time, and Dungeon Keys are "regenerated" overtime, usually in hours. You can use Dragon Crystals to refill your Dungeon Keys if you don't want to wait.

Upgrades and Game Accounts

What are Guardians? How do I access the Guardian Tower?

All information regarding Guardians can be found on the Guardian page.

What are Dragon Crystals?

All information regarding Dragon Crystals can also be found on the Dragon Crystals page.

Who are Alpha Knights? Why can't I see the Alpha Knight Shop?

Alpha Knights were players who participated in the Tech Demo from November 25th, 2014 - August 2nd, 2015, or the Alpha Test from August 3rd. 2015 to January 12th, 2016. As a bonus for testing, they are able to access the exclusive Alpha Knight shop.

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