Aqua Soldier Sword With Shield III

Location: Atlantean Armaments Upgrades II - Atlantis (Location)
Price: N/A

Sellback: 20 Gold
Level: 42
Power: 880
Craft Time: 15 Minutes
Speed Up: 100 Dragon Crystals
Description: The King's elite soldier armaments. Not easily given to anyone outside of the majesty personal guard. You must be really close to one of the King's Guards to lay your hands upon these prestigious armaments.

Further improved upon the Atlantean Armaments this shield offensive capabilities have been reinforced with hard coral, giving it iconic spikes, which provide higher offensive progress. As a result of this, although being a defensive shield, it critical is of high value.

Set Piece: Aqua Soldier Set

Type Bonus
Health +1,044
Attack +1,461
Crit +1,002
Haste +501

Note: Used to craft Legendary Aqua Soldier Sword With Shield.

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