Aquella Doesn't Trust A Topsider


Hero: Hey! So I found Pearl, and a few others, as well --
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): What is your game, topsider?!
Hero: Pardon?
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): You come to our land and feign friendship. I'm not buying it this deceit.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): You're up to something, I know it!
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): The King warned us of the topsiders' treachery.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): And as the King's anointed protector of this city, I will not…
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): Oh, hush, child. As if that matters to me.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Pearl! This is not the time to --
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): Oh, enough with this "Pearl" nonsense. You're not impressing anyone by disrespecting your Nana like that.
Hero: Nana? She's your granddaughter?
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): Yes, and unfortunately for us, she inherited her Father's stubbornness.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Nana, please, not in front of the enemy.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): Enemy? Where? All I see here is you, me, and our new friend, <Hero>.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): You can't be serious… You know what the King says about the topsiders!
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): I know very well what that fool says…
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Nana!
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): Just as I know that <Hero> and <his/her> friends have come to us for a purpose.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): And I see no malice in their intentions.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): How can you be sure?
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): When have I ever been wrong, child?
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): …Fine. But there's no telling what the King will do to them when he sees them.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): They'll be just fine, I'm sure.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): I wish I shared your certainty.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): Come along, <Hero>. The King's throne room awaits.

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