Aquifer Problems


Hero: What's this about the water being poisoned?
Bobby B. (Potion Vendor): People are getting sick after touching the water.
Bobby B. (Potion Vendor): Luckily my potions will fix them right up…
Bobby B. (Potion Vendor): But this town won't last long without clean water!
Hero: Any ideas of why the water's gone bad?
Bobby B.: It's gotta be them rebels. They must have done something to the Aquifer!
Hero: How can you be so sure?
Bobby B.: Lord Sekt says the rebels are bad and want to hurt us.
Bobby B.: So it only makes that they'd be the ones responsible.
Hero: Uh-huh. Well, no one will know for sure without inspecting the Aquifer.
Bobby B.: That's right!
Bobby B.: I'd do it myself, but I've got my hands full handing out my Mama's high-quality potions.
Hero: Leave it to me. I'll go find out what's behind the poisoned water.
Bobby B.: Well, ain't you kind. But I'd hurry if I was you.
Bobby B.: People are getting awfully parched in this desert sun.
Hero: Don't worry. I'll be back in no time.

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