Arcana's Guidance


Arcana (Mage Trainer): The practitioners of the Arcane arts are astute casters.
Arcana (Mage Trainer): Mages excel by using their range to hit enemies while they can't hit back.
Arcana (Mage Trainer): They can deal massive damage with fireballs, slow enemies with ice shards, and stun them with lighting.
Arcana (Mage Trainer): Use all of these skills to your advantage when facing your foes. Remember, keeping the enemy at range as much is possible is key.
Arcana (Mage Trainer): Swap to the mage class using the class menu and try taking down that trapped sea ogre over there.
Arcana (Mage Trainer): They are formidable foes in melee combat, but if you keep your distance, it won't be able to hurt you.

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