Arcana's Travel Form Lesson


Arcana (Mage Trainer): There is one last thing I should teach you about.
Arcana (Mage Trainer): There is a magic that is known to not only mages, but all classes. This magic is called the Travel Form.
Arcana (Mage Trainer): There are many different travel forms. They all help you move around faster… usually. There's this weird bush Travel Form that makes you go really slow but we don't talk about that.
Arcana (Mage Trainer): Travel Forms cannot be used in combat. Attempting to use a skill or an item will break your form immediately.
Arcana (Mage Trainer): Some travel forms can be used an infinite number of items, while some are single use consumables, so be on the look out!
Arcana (Mage Trainer): Over across the bridge there is a old crystal of power that has laid dormant for many years. I bet if you defeated some wolves near it, their life energy would bring it back to working order.
Arcana (Mage Trainer): Go try it out and come back to me once you've used a travel form.

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