Are You Okay, Blizzy?


Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Everyone really loved it, huh? Wow, that's great!
Hero: Well. Everyone except Chilly.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Hmph. I bet he wouldn't even try it.
Hero: Nope. He said you should've made gingerbread instead.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Ugh… I don't even LIKE gingerbread.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): No matter. The new recipe was still a big hit!
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): And it's going to make this the most memorable Frostval EVER!
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Now I just need to… um…
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Oohh… I don't feel so good.
Hero: You ok there, Blizzy?
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): I think I'm… I'm turning into…
Hero: …Blizzy?
Angry Blizzy (Holiday Moglinster): Hwarglarrrgh!

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