Pet Shop Owner
Hi there! Name's Aria. My philosophy is "today's monster is tomorrow's pet!"

- Your Special Dish!

A New Mystery!
Oh! Have you found something? Lets figure it out together!
- A New Mystery
- Tasks to be Completed

- Learning about Pets
- Buy Pets and Gear
- Training Pets

Doggie Adoption *NEW*
- Doggie Adoptions
- Adopt Klaus
- Doggie Travel Forms *NEW*

Get More Pet Feed!
Want to help out around the Pet Shop? I'd love for you to!
- Pet Tasks
- Just Keep Cleaning

Special Tasks
Looking for something a bit more advanced?
- Master Crate
- Feline Finery
- Researching the Anomaly

- Pets? (Cutscene)
- Paintings?


Note: This NPC is themed from the Aria (NPC) from AQWorlds.

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