Artix's Shadowskull Introduction


Artix (Undead Slaying Paladin): Hail!
Hero: Greetings, Artix. Can you tell me anything about the Necroknight?
Artix (Undead Slaying Paladin): It is immensely powerful. We will be in for a serious fight once we get past the guards.
Hero: So getting past the guard will be the easy part?
Artix (Undead Slaying Paladin): Oh, no. That will be hard too. A lot of undead servants between us and the Necroknight.
Hero: Super. So there's a hard part followed by another hard part?
Artix (Undead Slaying Paladin): Exactly! Ready to get going?
Hero: No point in waiting around here.
Artix (Undead Slaying Paladin): Great! This bonehead will never know what hit it! ATTACK!

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