Arturo's Answers


Arturo (Miner): What? No way, man. Nobody's stuck down here.
Arturo (Miner): We just gotta stay here long enough to farm up some ore!
Arturo (Miner): Once you got a full load, you gonna take it to Foreman Shale.
Arturo (Miner): She'll open the door for you, let you out.
Hero: Just like that? And then I'm done?
Arturo (Miner): No! Ha, ha! Not done. Then you gotta take it to the forge!
Hero: Take it to the forge? And… do what?
Arturo (Miner): Come on, use your head! The Archfiend's been ramping up the pressure.
Arturo (Miner): That hero from Lore is moving fast through the realm. So the Army of Fiends gotta move fast, too.
Arturo (Miner): So you gotta take that ore and smelt it. Make somethin' out of it.
Arturo (Miner): And then you come back down here and you do it all again.

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