Ashfall Intro


«Scene: Shows the vicinity area of DragonSlayer Camp»
«Red Dravir appears out of nowhere and attacks DragonSlayer»
«Dravir and DragonSlayer battle»
«Evil Dragonlord Talyn watches the battle with his red dragon on a cliffside»
«Talyn's dragon lunges into the battle and DragonSlayer takes down the Dravir»
«DragonSlayer battles Talyn's dragon and strikes his sword at his dragon»
«White flash appears»
«Talyn's dragon is defeated»
«DragonSlayer attempts to take down Talyn»
«Talyn blocks DragonSlayer's strike and grabs the DragonSlayer by his neck over the lava»
Talyn (Evil Dragonlord): I should thank you, DragonSlayer.
Talyn (Evil Dragonlord): With my dragon dead, I am free to use the power of my Dragon Amulet to bind myself to a new beast.
Talyn (Evil Dragonlord): Once I have awoken the Great Fire Dragon in the volcano, and bound it to my will…
Talyn (Evil Dragonlord): This world will BURN!
Talyn (Evil Dragonlord): …and there's nothing you, nor the DragonSlayers can do to stop me.
«Talyn throws DragonSlayer into the lava»
«Scene fades»

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