Ask Rosalia About Satchel

Locations/Replays: Westmere Barn

Hero: Rosalia, I found this satchel while I was searching for survivors
Hero: Surmonox's Bane troops must have wanted what was inside pretty badly.
Hero: What can you tell me about it?
Rosalia (Westmere Villager): That belonged to a friend of mine.
Rosalia (Westmere Villager): She would take that satchel to a clearing near here where dragons sometimes go to molt.
Rosalia (Westmere Villager): She would gather the shed dragon scales and trade them to the apothecary.
Rosalia (Westmere Villager): Do you think she's…?
Hero: I'm afraid so. I searched Westmere and I didn't find any survivors.
Rosalia (Westmere Villager): This is so awful! Why us? What did we do?
Hero: I don't know… But I'm going to make sure you get your town back.

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