Aspen (Cutscene)


Aspen (Frost Moglin): Oh, no. It's finally happening…
Aspen (Frost Moglin): Eat the others first!

Hero: What? I don't want to eat you.
Hero: I'm <hero>. Blizzy said that you could use some help.

Aspen (Frost Moglin): Oh. Well, the chances were just as good that you were an enemy attacking the village.
Aspen (Frost Moglin): Maybe building it HERE wasn't the best idea.

Hero: What do you mean?

Aspen (Frost Moglin): Listen, I'm as happy as the next Frost Moglin to have our homeland back…
Aspen (Frost Moglin): … but why build our new settlement RIGHT HERE?!
Aspen (Frost Moglin): We're surrounded by monsters and deadly frost geysers ..
Aspen (Frost Moglin): … The Frostlorn Ice Castle is RIGHT over that hill…
Aspen (Frost Moglin): … I've even heard an ICE WARFIEND roaring in the distance.
Aspen (Frost Moglin): Speaking as the Frostvale Civic Planner, this location is a nightmare.
Aspen (Frost Moglin): Maybe we could have built it on a huge pile of explosives and saved everyone a lot of trouble.

Hero: Aspen, I come from Battleon. Do you know how often we get attacked?
Hero: But we always make it through by depending on each other.
Hero: Once you Frost Moglins get your roots in the ice, It'll feel like home.

Aspen (Frost Moglin): Eh… maybe.

Hero: Trust me. Now, tell me how I can help you get Frostvale set up…

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