Aurelio Voltaire

Greetings friend! I'm looking for my old Guitar. Someone suggested that I might try Mysterious Johnson's Shop of Oddities.

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- Shop of Oddities

About Special Guest
*sings* It's so easy when your evil…

(Aurelio Voltaire is a dark, gothic, pirate singer & performer. He is a regular Friday the 13th guest on Adventure Quest Worlds and better known as a creator of music, comic books, animation, and creepy toys. Check out his videos, upcoming live concerts and the launch date of his next, highly anticipated Black Labyrinth album at

Friday the 13th?
Our first ever musical live event was with Aurelio Voltaire in 2009 in AdventureQuest Worlds. It was a ground breaking first-of-its-kind event with over 35,000 people participating live (and crashing the servers to a stand still). Gamer magazine covered it and Artix did a TedX talk on how we did it. It was one of our teams favorite achievements. Aurelio Voltaire has graciously been a part of our gaming community and has participated in Friday the 13th events each year.

If you have not already, you should check out the event happening in Adventure Quest Worlds now also! (

Black Labyrinth (Upcoming Album)
What would happen if you combined former members of David Bowie's band with Aurelio Voltaire for a dark labyrinth inspired album? We are all about to find out. The upcoming album is scheduled to come out at the end of the year. It is one of the most ambitious and amazing things Aurelio Voltaire has done and we cannot wait for it. (…and the comic book that it releasing at the same time.)

How did we meet?
How did we meet?

(STORY TIME! Safiria is a HUGE fan of Voltaire. The real-life Safiria that is. Way back at DragonCon in '06-ish… when Aurelio Voltaire was manning his booth, Safiria asked Artix if he would introduce her to him. Which was weird. Because out of the two of them, Safiria is way WAY MORE outgoing than Artix. But that is how it all started! It was amazing how genuine and true to himself Voltaire is. It is really inspiring. Voltaire had a song "BRAINS BRAINS." on the TV cartoon the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. It was so dark and spooky, but for all audiences. We stalked him at his shows for a few years until he finally agreed to appear in our game XD. It was a hit and would pave pathway to Battle Concerts and other things we created as a result. We are forever grateful Voltaire for everything he has done for our community.)


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