Axe Shredder

#1 Fan
Oi! You're lookin' at the Number One Fan! I even got access to the VIP Backstage area. See the band, take selfies, and chill with other like minded individuals. I even got these sweet threads there. Pretty wicked!

- Get Alice in Chains Upgrades
- Go Backstage!

What's backstage?
First off you get to meet the band and take some pics with 'em. You can sit around and chill with other VIP members. If you talk to the Arena Promoter Bryce Platinum, he's got quests that will get you this sweet Punk Rock Mage gear. There is even a special title only for VIP members! Wicked right?

All that PLUS all the sweet stuff you get with the Special Upgrade Packages! Come on! Whatch'a waiting for?

Location: Battleon Arena

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