Back from the Ashes


Hero: Ok, I gathered all of Baron Belgosi's bits and pieces.
Archiducissa Weaver (Masquerader): Excellent. Place them there in a pile.
Viscount Vincent (Masquerader): And just add one drop of (rated E) red stuff.
Hero: You know, this game is actually rated T for teen.
Viscount Vincent (Masquerader): So we can have blood?
Hero: Yes. Not visually, but mentioning it in writing is fine.
Archiducissa Weaver (Masquerader): EXCUSE ME! Are we doing this or not?!
Hero: Ok… one drop.
Baron Belgosi (Masquerader): … And let that be a lesson to you human, pleb!
Viscount Vincent (Masquerader): Oh yes, I think he learned the lesson.
Archiducissa Weaver (Masquerader): Quite. You should give him your mask to make sure he REALLY suffers.
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): Hrpmf. Indeed… here, take my mask.
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): But this entire ordeal remains strictly between the four of us.
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): Agreed?
Hero: Agreed.
Viscount Vincent (Masquerader): You have acquired all four masks.
Archiducissa Weaver (Masquerader): It is time to meet our secret host.
Hero: Why are you guys laughing?
Hero: I have a bad feeling about this.

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