Bad News for Duke


Hero: So… Skratch told me I should ask about, uh…
Hero: All these bones?
Duke (Good Boy): Grrr. That little jerk!
Duke (Good Boy): He's trying to turn you against me, <Hero>! Don't listen to him.
Hero:So, you REALLY never killed any of those cats you chased?
Duke (Good Boy): What IS killing, <Hero>? How do we define it? Where do we draw that line?
Hero: Oh, man, Skratch was right!
Duke (Good Boy): Ok, look… we all need to eat, am I right?
Duke (Good Boy): Sometimes you have the cat in your mouth, and it tastes kinda good, and you just…
Hero: DUKE! That's awful!
Duke (Good Boy): Bah! We have more important things to focus on.
Duke (Good Boy): We must have gotten the sacrifice wrong last time, <Hero>.
Duke (Good Boy): That's why the laser pointed the wrong way. We're gonna have to try it again.

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