Balderic Argent

Doomwood Paladin
The light rarely shines on those walking the paths in Doomwood Forest.

- Balderic Argent's Quests

Paladin Class
Paladins are defenders of the light and enemies of corruption, whatever form it takes, wherever it can be found.

- Paladin Class
- Paladin Training
- Paladin Equipment

- Balderic's Doomwood Crafting
- Balderic's Shop

Doomwood's Tale
I will recount this tale to my fellow Paladins!

- Doomwood Flythrough
- Doomwood
- Xargoul's Curse
- Stygis (Cutscene)
- Crown Of The Dead (Cutscene)
- Hunt For The Crown
- The Curse

Location: Doomwood Forest
Note: Also see Artix.

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