Bamboozle (Cutscene)


Bamboozle: …Eight …Nine… Ten. Yep, they're all here!
Bamboozle: Thanks, kid. Very generous. Keep in touch, okay?
Hero: Generous?! Hold on, I'm buying information with these, remember?
Bamboozle: Oh, yeah! That blacksmith, right?
Bamboozle: There is a guy. Name of Grunk.
Bamboozle: Unfortunately, you gotta take a hidden portal up to see him.
Hero: Okay, so how do I do that?
Bamboozle: Lucky for you, I happen to have a tuning fork that can un-hide it!
Hero: Really? That's great! Let's see it!
Bamboozle: Hold yer horses! You think I'm just gonna hand it over for free?
Bamboozle: The fork can be yours… But there's always a price.

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