Bamboozle (NPC)

Keeper of the Loot
Whatever you need, I've got it! And if I don't, I can get it. There's always a price, of course.

What? No, of course I don't mean your SOUL. Why would you even say that?

Tell me about this Blacksmith.
Grunk? He's a great guy. Known him for ages. Used to be the personal blacksmith of the Archfiend, Nulgath. He even forged the Oblivion Blade! I have no doubt he can do anything your fiend needs.

Oblivion Blade?
Yep! That thing is no ordinary blade. Nulgath could use it to communicate with whoever wielded it, even across realms. So it was always in the hands of his most favored disciple. Haven't seen it in years, though. I wonder if it still exists?

- Bamboozle's Jobs
- Bamboozle's Certificate

Bamboozle's Shady deals
Looking for… special deals? I have what you need hero! Just say the name of the goods and I will deliver, for a price.
- Contract of Nulgath: Diamond exchange
- Diamond of Nulgath: Contract Exchange legacysmall.png
- Contract of Nulgath: Catacombs Crawling
- Contract of Nulgath: Voucher Purchase
- Contract of Nulgath: The Lucky Deal
- Voucher of Nulgath: Voucher Exchange
- Dark Crystal Shards: Fiend Hunting
- Essence of Nulgath: Catacombs Crawler
- Essence of Nulgath: Defeated Makais
- Essence of Nulgath: FiendZards

Artifacts of the Catacombs
Oh, the Catacombs that those stinky Paladins just came out of?
Yes I may have also… explored them.
- Bamboozle's Bag
- Not Cursed Treasure
- What did you find in the Catacombs?
- I found this out in the Wastelands!

Location: Seleden Wasteland
Note: This NPC is themed from Bamboozle from AQWorlds.

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