Bandits Are Quitting


Merchant of Death 1: Yeah, I don't even get benefits!
Merchant of Death 2: I was promised new knives, but I'm still stuck using these flimsy shanks!
Merchant of Death 1: Oh hey, the Bulwark and <Hero> are here…
Merchant of Death 2: Yeah, you guys can go through. We quit. Grady has been conning us. Have you seen his shiny sword?! He acts like he can't pay us.
Merchant of Death 1: Yeah, nothing but broken promises from that guy. Especially with all the money we bring in from stabbin' and stealin'.
Merchant of Death 2: Yeah, I think I'm gonna go freelance for a bit; be my own bandit, y'know? Start small time like stealing candy from babies to sell to town vendors…
Merchant of Death 1: Man, that's what I respect about you. You're just stayin' on the grind.
Merchant of Death 2: Thanks, bro, I appreciate that.
«Scene: Arathor and Hero stare at each other in a stunned silence.»
Hero (Hero of Lore): Well, I didn't expect that…
Arathor (Knight of the Iron Bulwark): Let us move forward and bring Grady to the justice he's evaded for so long!
Merchant of Death 1: Yeah! Go stab him!

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