Barber Shop Saved

Bev (Barbaroness): <Hero>, you saved my barber shop!
Kitty Kawaii (Battleon Barber): That was amaaaaazing!
Kitty Kawaii (Battleon Barber): You're so good looking AND powerful!
Patch O'Hare (Battleon Barber): Yar! It be a real honor to cut the hair of a hero like you, me matey.
Snips (Battleon Barber): Everyone, I'm really sorry.
Bev (Barbaroness): Well, the important thing you learned a valuable lesson.
Snips (Battleon Barber): Yes! We learned how to do the ULTIMATE FORBIDDEN HAIR CUT!
Bev (Barbaroness): Not the lesson.
Snips (Battleon Barber): Come on <Hero>…. See this haircut for yourself. Fulfill your destiny.
Snips (Battleon Barber): Also, if you get the GUARDIAN SOUL GLO from the Guardian Tower, I might be able to make the new hairstyle glow in the dark.
Bev (Barbaroness): <Hero>, you will always be a V.I.P customer here at the Battleon Barbershop.

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