Battleon Burns


Hero: Any word from the DragonSlayers?
Roland (Battleon Defender): Yes. They're not coming.
Hero: Oh, that's…. WHAT?!
Roland (Battleon Defender): Galanoth said that he "won't be distracted from his revenge when he's this close,".
Roland (Battleon Defender): We're on our own.
Hero: We were counting on that support. This looks bad.
Roland (Battleon Defender): I still believe in the Battleon Defenders.
Roland (Battleon Defender): The main force is attacking now. If we can hold them off long enough…
Roland (Battleon Defender): … Then the dragon leading this force and his elite guard will have to join the battle.
Roland (Battleon Defender): We will close ranks on them and end this quickly. Stand firm. Give no ground.
Hero: We won't give them an inch!

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