Battleon Burns - 1. Vane's Purpose


«Scene: Vane meets with an attendant inside his castle»

THE HOLLOW KEEP - Vane's Fortress

Azella (Priestess of the Void): Battleon burns as you commanded, my king.
Vane (The VoidKing): Good.

Azella (Priestess of the Void): Won't they will just rebuild?
Vane (The VoidKing): Of course. I expect them to.

Azella (Priestess of the Void): You do?
Vane (The VoidKing): A farmer may choose to burn their field to make the land more fertile for future crops.

Azella (Priestess of the Void): So you want the people to rebuild their city stronger and better than before?
Vane (The VoidKing): Yes.

Azella (Priestess of the Void): Help me understand, my lord.
Vane (The VoidKing): The VOID hungers.
Vane (The VoidKing): It will never be satisfied until all becomes nothing…
Vane (The VoidKing): …But undoing creation does bring it pleasure.
Vane (The VoidKing): The greater the creation, the greater the pleasure.

Azella (Priestess of the Void): I see. You want your people to build a greater Battleon…
Azella (Priestess of the Void): .. so that it will be more satisfying when the Void consumes it.
Vane (The VoidKing): Yes. But that is not all…

Azella (Priestess of the Void): My lord?
Vane (The VoidKing): There is still the matter of Death's Champion.
Vane (The VoidKing): <hero> calls the Town of Battleon home.

Azella (Priestess of the Void): Sending a message, majesty?
Vane (The VoidKing): It must be a clear message.
Vane (The VoidKing): I have words for <hero> and I want to deliver them personally.

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