Battleon Burns - 2. Town Assembly


** <hero> gathers the people of BATTLEON to speak to them. **

Campbell (Handsome Adventurer): What's the meeting for, <hero>?
Campbell (Handsome Adventurer): We've got voidlings to kill and fires to put out.
Hero: We've all suffered the loss of our home but plans are already underway to rebuild.
Hero: Adventurers are out there gathering building materials from every corner of Lore.
Hero: Once we have enough, Warlic and Cysero have agreed to use their magic to rebuild town very quickly.
Hero: But I also wanted to tell everyone that VANE has been spotted coming this way.

** The crowd murmurs in confusion and fear **

Campbell (Handsome Adventurer): He's probably coming to finish the job himself, the rat.

Melodia (Battle Maid(en)): Is he leading his army?
Hero: No, he's walking alone.
Campbell (Handsome Adventurer): Walking? Not that I'm complaining but why not use the Travel Crystal?
Hero: He's walking because he wants us to know he's coming.
Hero: Vane wants us afraid.

Melodia (Battle Maid(en)): Then he doesn't know who he's dealing with.
Melodia (Battle Maid(en)): As soon as he walks in here, I say we strike!
Campbell (Handsome Adventurer): I'm with Pigtails. Let's jump the chump!

Hero: I'm not sure why he's attacking Battleon on why he's coming here…
Hero: … But this is about me and him.
Melodia (Battle Maid(en)): You might be Death's Champion but this is our home just like it's yours.
Melodia (Battle Maid(en)): If he attacks one of us, he attacks all of us.

** A cheer of approval erupts from the crowd **

Hero: Everyone, calm down.
Hero: Vane is stronger than any of us can handle, even together.
Hero: I don't want any of you to put yourself in harm's way.
Hero: When he arrives, I will confront him… alone.

Campbell (Handsome Adventurer): Alright, fine.
Melodia (Battle Maid(en)):

Hero: Vane will be here soon.
Hero: Until then, keep fighting. Save what you can and help those gathering materials.

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