Battleon Burns - 4. Rebirth


«<Hero> delivers a speech to the people of BATTLEON.»

Hero: Everyone, we have the materials that we need.
Hero: Warlic, Cysero and some other magi will be using their magic to create NEW BATTLEON.
Hero: Sora To Hoshi, the Time Mage, is going to cast a time bubble so the work inside will move very fast.

Hero: This is a moment to remember.
Hero: Vane hit us hard. He hit is where we live… literally.
Hero: We were knocked down but we are getting back onto our feet.
Hero: Battleon will rise from its ashes.

Hero: We lost some friends…
Hero: …But we can't give in to the fear that vane wants us to feel.
Hero: The best way to honor their memories is to keep fighting.
Hero: We will make out new home even better than the last…
Hero: And when New Battleon faces a new threat, we will rise to meet it!
Hero: Now let's all back up before we get caught in the time bubble and lose a few months of our lives.

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