Battleon Reborn!


Roland (Battleon Defender): We did it! Wrythion and his minions were defeated.
Roland (Battleon Defender): The town was destroyed but Battleon lives. Not a single life was lost.
Hero: Battleon looks pretty good for having burned down…
Hero: … Better than ever actually! What happened?!
Roland (Battleon Defender): Warlic and Cysero called in some help from a mage named Sora To Hoshi.
Roland (Battleon Defender): She's a Chronomancer known as the Mistress of Time.
Roland (Battleon Defender): She used her skills to make a time bubble around Battleon while Cysero and Warlic rebuilt Battleon with their magic.
Hero: How long did that take?
Roland (Battleon Defender): 3 weeks according to Warlic, but to everyone outside the time bubble it seemed to happen instantly,
Hero: So, now we have a new town of Battleon to explore?
Roland (Battleon Defender): Yes. I'm sure you'll find some surprises if you look around.
Roland (Battleon Defender): <hero>, thank you for helping to protect the people of Battleon.
Roland (Battleon Defender): It's nice to know that if the Battleon Defenders are ever needed again, we can call on you.
Hero: If you need me, I'll be here. See you around town, Roland.

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