Battleon Sewers


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Access Points:


  • The Player randomly joins Defender or Jumper Team when enters the map.
  • B.U.I.L.D. Plumber (Monster) spawns activating Cyan Valve.
  • Pulling Orange Valve opens a shortcut only for the player.
  • Defender's Team can trigger traps respectively with their valve color. Cannot use valves during combat.
  • Behind the waterfall at Under Tunnels has a portal that teleports to a parkour. Completing rewards you Toxic title.
  • Sewers are divided by:
    • Main: Sewer Spewer.
    • Middle: Under Tunnels - Poison Darts/Sinking Pipes.
    • Left: Sewage Falls - Cascade/Pipewall.
    • Right: Over Flow - Sewage Dump/Barrel Flood.
  • This location has a 960 1,000 power node for Fishing.

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